Friday, March 30, 2012

Booze Slinging

If one were to look through my iphone photos they would see one of two things: One, lots of photos of a certain handsome little man of mine. Two, well composed shots of drinks. Yes, the alcoholic variety, and many of them.
I've been a bartender for ten years now (way to age myself there) and I appreciate a well crafted cocktail. Whether it's just plain pretty in presentation or tasty goodness, I like to take photos of it. I especially like to take photos of my self proclaimed boozey masterpieces as I mix, boil and play with recipes.
So here I am starting this blog off with some booze talk.
When we went to Vegas recently we tried a Chupacabra at Diablos on the strip. Oh, EM, Gee. Maybe one of my favorite drinks of all time. It's on the list for sure and I've never thought myself to be a tequila fan.

It was a concoction of jalapenos, simple syrup, good tequila and ginger ale with a salt and red pepper flake rim. nom nom nom.
I absolutely had to try this at home.
So here I am thinking of the most practical ways to do this. Many places infuse liquor with teas, fruits, jalapenos and the like, which is a great idea~but I chose to do something very similar to my world famous (well not yet) sangria and infuse the simple syrup instead.

mmmmmm. Jalapeno simple syrup in the works. This is something you need a weebit of patience with. If you're too eager (as I am sometimes) the flavors won't infuse as much as you'd like. So I'd definitely play around with this.

Take 2 parts Milagro Silver (as per the suggestion of my soul mate, being a tequila snob and all~practically priced but tasty as all get all) 1 part jalapeno infused simple and top with ginger ale. Boom. Now I need to meet up with Libertine Tacoma, the amazing salt guru and find a good addition for the rim.
How's that for tasty.

Perfect for wedding planning don't you think?