Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Journey of Sophia Grace (mostly a photo blog)

I am fortunate in life.
I have an amazing and beautiful family.
And amazing and beautiful friends that I consider extended family. They are a small group but are an important and lovely part of my children's lives.
One of these friends is one of my favorite people and exceptionally talented as well.  
When she mentioned her desire to photograph a labor and delivery how could I say no?
The images below are a few I'm willing to share. But overall I'm excited to have images like these to share with my daughter one day. Her entry into this world was well documented.
You can see more work from this fabulous photographer at
This has some deeper meaning that makes me smile. Tiffany is all too familiar with the circumstances and understands how appropriate this day happens to be.

The view of Tacoma from Saint Joes is amazing. All four of my children were born here.



Connor is a big brother now!

Big Brother Andrew

Big Sister Moira

Aunt Bonnie

One Month Old Sophia Grace Casella.