Friday, June 29, 2012

You know how they say that rockstars sell out because they have no angst to sing about any more? That has a level of truth to it don't you think? Not to say that there aren't millions of people creating from a sense of genuine despair that will never make it big. Just a thought. Go with it.

Success comes in the art created to express those feelings that we all encounter but never know how to express in ways acceptable to the public.
We close our doors and cry. Bottle it up. Pretend all is well.

Then there are those: Lyric Writers. Guitar Strummers. Picture Painters and Film Makers. Manifesting works that intrigue us, mirror our ideals, haunt our dreams.

Let's say that some of these very people 'make it big'.....find their soulmisters and misses. have babies. buy houses.
What do they sing about? Write about? Paint about?

There's a certain level of melancholy necessary to the creative process.
Maybe not for you but for me that stands true.

Life isn't all rainbows and butterflies. I have a Mother in law who can be dramatic. A partner who can as well. Teens (need I say more). A toddler (again, yikes). My daughter is inflicted with an incurable, invisible disease.
But really that's all peanuts. Life is good. Really good. By most standards I'm living the "American Dream"~not sure that's the most positive phrase.

What got me to thinking about all this was this:

It doesn't have to be writing so much as expressing in any form.

I began writing this yesterday and left it to go about my day. Today a dear friend of mine posted this:

This goes to show that regardless of the space of miles and time, true friends are forever connected. Just another example of why I am a firm believer in how the cosmos have a way of letting things happen just as they should and true connections never fade.

THIS video and what Maynard is talking about exemplifies the thoughts running through my mind.

That's all for today. Look forward to round two of the Manhattan Project next week where we visit MARROW and try a classic manhattan and a cocktail similar that goes by a different moniker.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Start Off Point

While overanalyzing my life and the bits that make up my immediate universe (as always) I come to the realization that I surround myself with quirkiness.

My friends are social misfits, rad, kind, fun and certainly not what one would call popular. Mind you social misfits is a term my mom has used as a kind way to say that my friends are odd, fixer uppers. Naturally being a feeling, intuitive cancer I feel compelled to "fix" people, or so says my mom.

Today I watch as the old man crosses our residential street. Hunched over, curved spine and rounded shoulders. Today's grocery item is goldfish crackers.

Since the first week we've lived here I've spied that old man. He lives down a block or so and makes regular trips to the convenience store conveniently our direct neighbor.

That first time the grocery item was a six pack of beer, such is the case in most instances. I can't tell you what about this old man intrigued me so. We've never spoken a word but his very demeanor, his grocery item, his slow hunchbacked shuffle, never ceases to make me pause.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A little adventure today

It's the smallest things that make life such a beautiful adventure.

Finding myself at a loss for what to do, avoiding house work for now and having some time off with Connor, we decided to take a little walk.
A lovely, windy excursion through the Chinese Reconciliation Park.

All of these tiny little moments make up a whole.

The sound of the waves lapping at the shore.
A tiny crab running for cover.
Connors little voice talking to me as he picked up some of his favorite rocks.
A train passing by.
His little hand in mine.

I've been thinking about how lucky I am. Hearing about how some of my friends are involved in these toxic relationships. And thinking of all the times that I have been too. Reminding myself that now, currently, I am with my best friend who allows me to be the best version of myself and it goes both ways and continues to flourish.
I now call my best friend my husband.
Brings a smile to my heart.

my partner in crime

He's the Prince of Tides, King of Rocks.

"Come on Mommy"

Runny nose inducing winds and smile inducing company.

To do list

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The popularity of the Manhattan Project (only on it's first visit) tells me that you are a bunch of lushes!

Ha, okay okay, that wasn't nice. Let's say that MAYBE it's because you have a deep admiration for the art and finesse of the brown liquor.

On our next stop we will be visiting Marrow on 6th Avenue. Stayed tuned as we sip on another concoction of the Manhattan variety all in the name of research.

If you know of a Tacoma establishment that serves up a manhattan worth a write up, send us your ideas in the comments!!! There is room for "fan favorites" and those will be listed along with our picks.

Until next time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Phooey, I deleted my favorites from summer.

I don't remember all the words. But the photos say it for me. Le Sigh.

I may have omitted or added one or two.

You catch my drift.

Wedded bliss, sun, life is good.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Manhattan Project~Phase ONE~The Social Bar and Grill

Are you ready my little drunkies?

I will use any excuse to write.
Socialize with favorites.
And I sure as hell love a good excuse to do all of the above.
Drinking and Writing have gone hand and hand since the dawn of (wo)man.

Kerouac. Poe. Hemingway.

Nature of the beast one could say.

Onward! My accomplice the Mrs. Tiffany Jill and I began our manhattan adventure at The Social Bar and Grill.

I chose Tiffany as a partner in crime for several reasons. A. She is one of few of my friends not in the industry. B. She's not necessarily a manhattan drinker. C. She has exquisite taste.

Maybe I'm playing favorites already by choosing The Social Bar and Grill. Yes, I admit I am a previous employee but the place has a cool vibe and good drinks. And I have already had a sizzling affair with their SBG Manhattan. A blissful recipe of Bulliet Bourbon and their special secret squirrel ginger/thyme syrup concoction made by Social Chef Rodel Borromeo. The Italian Luxardo cherry is the topping on the sundae, or rather the rich murky goodness awaiting at the bottom of the glass.

Tiff wrote out such an eloquent review (and god knows how after two we were pretty much snockered) so I'm presenting it as is. Because I like it.

"For someone that is not normally a Manhattan consumer I found The Social’s concoction to be a pleasant surprise. The first sip was smooth and warm and left behind a lovely tingling sensation (the ginger). It changed progressively from that refined taste to a more relaxed, sweeter vibe as the bottom was reached and the little cherry treasure was revealed. It was a little reminiscent of Black Forest Cake. My exact response upon biting into the little tidbit was “it’s a wonderful alcoholic explosion in your mouth!”

KA-POW! Mouth explosion of the alcoholic variety

Can I simply say "I concur, yup, you bet, uhuh." The syrup takes the smoky bite that may steer non-whiskey LOVERS away, while the flavor is just plain delicious, well balanced and unique. It's a smooth sipper. Classic turned hip.

Seriously, I couldn't have said it better myself. This one will be a hard one to beat.


I'm married!!!!!!

Smiling Hearts and Butterfly Kisses. My heart is so full.

Man, life is good. Stay tuned for phase one of the Manhattan Project.
It's going to be tasty.

Photo courtesy of Poetic Spectre Imaging. Find her blog here: