Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Manhattan Project: MARROW a manhattan under clever disguise

Back on the Manhattan track with my partner in crime Mrs. Tiffany Jill. She's my favorite drinking buddy (and really just one of my "favorites" which is an elite list) because she is an endless source of amazing conversation. She's wicked smart, a mama like yours truly and cultured without being pretentious.
Anyhow on to our Manhattan date! For this round we chose Marrow Kitchen and Bar on the ever popular and hip 6th Ave Strip. Marrow is known for it's unique culinary ingredients, not for the faint of heart. The menu challenges you to be adventurous and their craft cocktails are no exception. Cleverly given monikers of literary characters and teasing with delightful concoctions and infused spirits, Marrow was a natural spot to continue our Manhattan Project.
We actually visited Marrow twice, since there was no cocktail on their specialty menu that screamed "this is our specialty manhattan" we opted for a manhattan, bartenders choice. I totally did the dreaded...."we'd like a manhattan, just something tasty, you pick".
I say dreaded because as a tender of the bar and slinger of the booze, I'm not one to assume what your version of tasty is. It's like saying "What do you make that's good?" PSSH "everything YO!" (I've been watching too much Breaking Bad, please excuse me and just be happy I didn't call you a Bitch a la Jessie Pinkman)
Mmmmm, the bartender chose Bulleit as the brown liquor of choice for this manhattan. It was shaken and had a nice balance of vermouth and bitters. We detected aromas of cinnamon. I'm a fan of Bulleit myself, it's masculine, like campfire cologne it reminds me of smoky jazz bars and crooning mistresses, red lipstick. It's a rough you up kind of sexy. It will bite back just a tad.

Tiffany says of the cocktail: I didn’t think was anything special, although not bad by any means. More of a straight forward flavor, bit more bite to it. The finish on it was simple, basic maraschino cherry, no big deal. Not something I would choose again, unlike at the Social which I totally would. I would recommend it for those that prefer tradition.

It's a classic and well exucuted.
For round two we chose the "Flynn." Not technically a manhattan it has many of the same aspects. Again made with the Bulleit though the Rye for this one. Luxardo, a delightful nutty cherry liquer and chocolate bitters. The presentation was a lovely surprise, atop the cocktail was a flaming lemon peel letting a lovely citrus aroma welcome you to the drink. Primitive imps danced in my eyes as I "ooh'ed and aah'ed" There was a lot going on in this drink, a nice sweetness to it, nutty vanilla tabacco...very comforting. This guy was the silky smooth kind of sexy.

Tiffanys thoughts? Much more rounded in taste, smoother. The flavor had more back than upfront bite, which I prefer. The presentation was pretty awesome too, and the little extra flavor of the flamed peel was unexpected and refreshing. This one was the cool kid, the hipster of the two.

This guy may give The SBG Manhattan a run for their money.
And there you have it. Another successful date sipping on my cocktail of choice. Our next stop will be the apocrathy kings at the 1022. Stay tuned.
If you're aware of an amazing Manhattan please share so we can include them on our Manhattan adventure.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Start of the BIG List

My list of things I hope to do within the next year. From small to big. Maybe it's something I've been daydreaming about. Perhaps it's a career goal. These are just some of the things I'd like to accomplish by this time next year.

I think to do lists are very helpful. It's an aid in visualization and manifestation. For me it has helped ideas and dreams go from just that to reality.

~Take a glass blowing class

~Deep clean the whole house (not one I'm looking forward to except the end result of course. Being a mostly stay at home this will come more easily)

~Graduate from "freelancer" to columnist

~Take the family to Mount Rainier (we haven't been since Connor was born)

~Self print a postcard book

~Make a zine:Worked for a zine, not a bad start


~Get a tattoo

~Teach Moira and Andrew to drive

~Volunteer: Became "Volunteer Director of North Tacoma Branch" Peace Out....a good start, this to do is ongoing.

~Have a Pay It Forward Day with the kids

~Start a garden!

~Go to Mexico, after our belated wedding reception (that's two) Delayed, Because we are having a baby.

~Continue "Pinterest Dates" with my sister

~Start saving for a house

~Road trip!

~Read a book each month and get a book club going, if need be just attend a book club


~Help projects that are near and dear to me grow and flourish. This applies to ART BUS, Peace Out, any writing projects, etc.  

~Write a book

~Go to loads of concerts and festivals. As a family and a couple: Dr. Dog, Graveyard, TedxTacoma, City of Neighborhoods,

~Visit Treehouse Point again
This list is subject to growth and shrinkage due to checking them off and adding new ones as I see fit. I intend on blogging as I go, because that's how I roll.