Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gestational Diabetes is a Jerk Face

So here I am in the tail end of pregnancy number four....yes I know I look fabulous right?!
All kidding aside, in past pregnancies I've always felt like I was a damn fine baby making machine. Healthy nuggets, feeling good, minimal negative pregnancy symptoms, etc. etc.
Sadly with this pregnancy I cannot boast to such an amazing experience. Granted, things aren't all bad-I didn't experience any level of morning sickness however I've felt exceptionally fatigued--gotten pregnancy acne!--and have had crazy mood swings. It's amazing I haven't slashed someone's tires or told someone to burn in hell outright. Seriously, it's a little madness inside my body right now. To add to the list of things that bum me out is now Gestational Diabetes. I gotta say, I'm a lotta surprised. I don't have a stellar diet, but it's not half bad and I've only gained a total of 10 pounds so all of these things I assumed would contribute to pregnancy induced diabetes are really a non issue....it wasn't even on my radar....so after an extra visit to the lab and more blood work the last thing I expected to hear was that I was indeed positive.
BOO. Atop from meaning I am now 85% more likely to develop adult onset diabetes (again, what! This isn't even a thing in my reality), it also increases the risk of my soon to be little person of developing it AND it means some major lifestyle changes.
For instance:
No Cereal (PERIOD) not the "good" kind or the bad kind--none. This is difficult as it is my breakfast and often my go to for late night snack. Good bye cereal.
None of the following:
white rice
bagels, white breads
fruit juices
I'm to check off the top 20 items on the glycemic index.
Initially my mind translates that to mean this:

Don't get me wrong, lettuce is A-Okay....but c'mon.
Breakfasts MUST include a source of protein and limited amounts of fruit. This does not really equate to convenient to me. This bums me out. It also means I need a new blender so that I can depend on the most convenient source of protein in the a.m. protein shakes! *bacon is a protein right? Likely not the lifestyle change they are looking for me to make I'm guessing*
Lunch is, oooh get this salads! with protein.....but I've never been a salad girl. Ever. Never Ever. Damn.
Dinner? You guessed it salads....or hearty versions there of. Dinner may also include a large portion of veggies and a small bit of protein. God Damn it.....still bummed.
I'm always baffled by how people make these dietary decisions. Just looking at it makes me want to sob.
My name is Jackie and I'm a carb addict.
I will be sharing my dietary adventures and keep you posted on the all super yum things I'm sure to come across regardless of my current state of disappointment.
Here's that super rad list of the delicious things I cannot eat....it includes cantaloupe!
Foods containing sugar
honey, molasses, & corn syrup.
Fruits -
bananas, melons, pineapple, raisins
Vegetables -
potatoes, corn, carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips
Breads -
all white breads, all white flour products, corn breads
Grains -
rice, rice products, millet, corn, corn products
Pasta -
thick, large pasta shapes
Cereals -
all cereals except those on the Low GI List below
Snacks -
potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, rice cakes, pretzels
Alcohol -
beer, liqueurs, all liquor except red wine

A Little Naughty, A Little Nice~A Flavor Matrimony Made in Hot Wing Heaven

I've been neglecting my wingdom duties.
Round two of the Wing Challenge brings us to Crockett's Public House. Now, why no one made the suggestion to visit this gastropub in Puyallup I couldn't tell you, because these wings are well deserving of some air time.
Another assignment brought me to Crockett's casual BBQ diner vibe but when I spied Honey Siracha Wings on the menu there was NO way I was walking out of those doors without trying them.
These meaty chicken bits are perfectly cooked with a nice crisp outer layer and tender well cooked meat within.
Their house made recipe is a combo of honey and siracha that is nicely balanced. With things such as this someone could walk away horribly disappointed as the wrong recipe could leave you overwhelmed or missing one or the other. This is not the case.
The siracha gives these wings a flavorful heat that is far superior to the vinegar-y Franks Red Hot traditional wing sauce you come to expect with most hot wings. And the honey is a nice treat, naturally sweet and flavorful making the siracha an adequate but manageable level of spicy.
Each order of wings is served with their housemade ranch which is creamy and delicious and a side of coleslaw. While not a lover of slaw this slaw is a nice traditional coleslaw and will be well liked by those who dig it.