Monday, April 29, 2013


Okay, Okay~

I am a devourer of meat. It doesn't matter if it's grilled, fried or broiled, I'll even gnaw meat straight off the bone! (though less enthusiastically than some).
Wings in particular are a favorite of mine~each establishment can concoct their own "claim to fame" recipes, which I quite enjoy as it keeps me on my toes and makes dining a real adventure. And I don't know about you but I like eating out to be a journey that is often unfamiliar.
When I asked the masses via Facebook what their fave wings in the Grit City were there were several suggestions though one in particular made it clear that my sports bar visiting, wing noshing friends had a culinary crush on the Loose Wheel.
Here's the thing, I don't share their LW hard on. It's okay but mostly unimaginative with a heavily deep fried selection (including their desserts) and their burgers are of the hot mess variety. But I digress. The masses had spoken so a trip to Loose Wheel was in order.
We anted up to the rail on an evening that a friend of ours was working. Score! To top that off his lovely mother was visiting from out of town, so we had the opportunity to saddle up next to her and chat between sloppy nibbles of wings that aren't very socializing friendly appetizers.
Back to the wings.
Let me start by saying this, their wing selection is impressive. You can choose several levels of heat from mild to super hot, Asian, BBQ, spicy BBQ and more.
We chose both the Traditional Hot and Spicy BBQ (as per the tenders suggestions).
They came out wicked fast, which is always nice.
Now, the Spicy BBQ was good for those who don't really like spice at all. They were mild in flavor but well coated with saucy goodness.
The Hot were great. I'll give it to my friends, they were indeed good wings. Though they could have been coated more evenly, the flavor was spot on.
The Loose Wheel's Hot is a traditional vinegar base, like Frank's Red Hot with lots of other spices added in to add a nice flavor. Decent heat and flavor combo. Sometimes a place makes hot wings that are hot for the sake of being hot and totally lack flavor. These guys know that balance is key. Did they woo me to become a admirer of the Loose Wheel?
Not really, but they were tasty enough that if I happen in again they are on my list.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to the Wing Dome!!

I need to fill my time and write my words with a focus on another adventure. Granted projects that don't include libations of the booze-y variety don't sound as intriguing or nearly as fun, but so long as I have a little person growing inside me divine indulgences such as manhattans are simply out of the question.

I've thought about doing a burger comparison but feel as that is almost too easy.....besides every one is doing it......Tacos? Nah, I like tacos but I don't LOVE them. Soooooo I'm doing wings....
Here's my logic....not all wings are created equal. Many establishments from the swank wine and dine places to the greasy neighborhood bars have wings.....and often they strive to put their own spin on things. There's Asian, BBQ, Traditional Spice, Curry, Jamaican Jerk and more. They come fried, baked and seared. Smothered and swimming to dry. You name it.SO then, there you have pregnant culinary journey to all things wings that Tacoma has to offer.

This will also feature how we do them up at home!

First stop to be announced soon so stay tuned.

A Process of Digesting Thoughts

I'm having some difficulty lately putting things into proper perspective.

I remain to participate in my usual daily activities, many of which have some underlying "greater good"....or so I like to believe. But in the midst of living life day to day I have been losing sight of the true intentions. Living up to someone else's perceived "me" rather than my own version or in some cases horribly failing at my attempt to be that version that one desires. I'm torn between things I find great passions in, things I've simply never been well equipped to display at any remarkable level and wading through distractions that greets us all, each through different tempting venues in disguise.
That's not to say that my behavior is dishonest....simply not a full commitment as it should be.
I'm struggling with personal endeavors and things that can be deemed by some as obligations to others. I'm feeling surrounded by some sense of entitlement and disheartened by my inability to deliver such duties to satisfy them.
There are times of the day often wasted by me. I've attempted to fill them productively....writing, brainstorming, connecting and feel justified and established much of the time....but then, it just takes one persons perception to see that those realized intentions amount to nothing.
There is really no point to this entry. Just some thoughts to "paper." Hoping that in typing them I can find a solution and move forward with unwavering conviction that what I'm trying to do is something.