Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where I find inspiration......

I've considered writing a book of some sorts since....well, forever. It's just been something I've assumed I was going to do always.
In high school I wrote chapters and chapters, poems, short stories, lyrics, you  name it. Those are long gone now. Sad but true. I wish I still had all of those notebooks around.
I've kept a journal since I was a preteen. I go for periods of time without writing in them, but not long periods.
Writing is a part of my life.
Currently I have bits of a children's book written~an illustrator (and dearest of friends, my kindred spirit) kind enough to volunteer her time and what I believe to be chapters of a young adult book.
No, there will be no vampires involved.
 My main problem in writing a story with the lead role being a female is I am using my own child and writing as though I am her.
It only seems natural. A. I can relate to teen girls and their point of view. B. She is an inspiring little lady. She's exceptionally kind, thoughtful, intelligent and has gone through so much already. Her state of health is something that will weigh on her for always. It will sway decisions she makes in life. It will effect how she feels every single waking and sleeping moment. This is the deck she's been dealt.
The reason why this is a problem is I feel that some how I may be intruding on her life in some way. I write a few paragraphs and can't help but think that maybe I should pussy foot around somethings for fear that when she reads these words she may be embarrassed or upset on how I assume to convey her character. (This presents a new problem in that I am not very good about pussy footin'. I have tact, oh yes, but I'm very straightforward to the point of brash often. The key is a smiling delivery. It aids words in being less abrasive.)
Anyhow to my original point, she carries a depth of character that can be found in fictional stories.This is not a mother's words, it's simply true. Ask anyone who knows her.
She inspires me.

Photo courtesy of Poetic Spectre Imaging. This girl. Yea. As a forwarning I'm certain to divulge ways that the men in my life inspire me as well.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012



Plus side to the tending of bar lifestyle~We live on tips, not hourly wage.
Down side to the tending of bar lifestyle~We live on tips, not hourly wage.

So you put on your game face and you do the thang. Smile the smiles. Sling the boozes. And be as prompt and rad as  humanly possible.

In return of such services, patrons tip you based on performance and the quality of their experience. Which should always be pretty much great and result in a hefty 18-20% tip. This of course is ideal. Often times (if you're doing it right) you may get even more than 18-20% and also often times you get far less (maybe you left your A game at home and maybe they're just cheap).
Everyones idea of appropriate is different though stays in the same range right?

So, last night, I'm doing the thing I do and working and smiling and joking with a table. They even make it a point to introduce themselves and remember my name. AWESOME. Because in this business you want to build a relationship with the guests.
Some will become friends outside of the establishment because you just connect~some you simply know their name, drink, what their kids are up to~you know that kind of thing and often still you are that bartender archetype, wiping down the bar while a regular pours out their heart, dramas, wants and dreams and you dole out some good ole advice before closing time.
Any how. When the guests pay their tab I am more perplexed then maybe I have ever been at the contents of the bill book.

I've received the almighty "Jesus card", phone numbers, name it....

As I open the book I see exact change and this:

Stamps? Yes, stamps, an almost complete book.

Did she leave them there on purpose? Was it a mistake? Does she need these stamps? Is it some kind of inside joke that I'm not in on?

I question my fellow coworker and boss, "Am I on T.V.? Is someone fucking with me?" This is a joke yea? So weird.

Since the guest is still present I ask. "Was it your intention to leave stamps? I'd hate for it to be a mistake and you to later need them."
Smile on my face because I really am at a loss of words......this is a first.

Yup. She had run out of cash and wanted to leave me SOMETHING. LOL> "I was going through my bag and thinking I had to give you a little something, toss in some lipgloss, pennies, something."

It was a more humorous interaction to see then to read but really one for the books. Stamps DO have monetary value and I have penpals so I'll take some stamps as gratuity any day over the "Jesus card".

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bloody Mary

My mister loves my bloody marys so much so he bought me an engagement ring after sipping on one of these bad boys. Okay, okay in fairness I think he bought the ring beforehand and this is his "job well done" beverage.

There once was a time that the idea of a bloody mary was just plain gross to me. I don't even like tomatoes, let alone tomato juice.
Add vodka? It doesn't sound much better.
And while many places add pizzaz in their garnish and think that is the making of a really good mary, others skip the fluff and just make a GOOD bloody mary. Don't get me wrong, I like shrimp, beans, asparagus, olives and more. But the salad atop my cocktail will not change what lies inside.
I pride myself on mine. They are damn tasty~though if you don't like 'em spicy I am then at a's just vodka and tomato juice. *crinkles nose* ew.
Some of my favorite ingredients include olive juice, squeeze of lime, horseradish, tabasco sauce and Demitris. Demitris is the best little zesty squeeze to add to a good bloody mary but many places make the mistake in thinking that this is magic in a bottle and use only this. Just a word of advice. Buy some. Use it. But don't think that is going to make a special mary. :)

If you're hankering for a tasty bloody mary come see me at Maxwell's Monday-Wednesday.

If you happen to be out and about on a Sunday for brunch I'd recommend Masa's bloody mary. Only $3.50 (or there abouts)!!! Though they can be a bit inconsistant in spice and maybe even liquor level, when they get it right it's perfection.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Diggin on some Gotye

Oh Gotye. First off seeing him perform at Showbox SODO, essentially a large garage, was great. It's exciting to see a band live in an intimate atmosphere.

With Gotye in mind I feel one of two things: A. He's a one hit wonder. A talented one but one all the same, which would explain why half of my friends and associates have not the foggiest idea who he is or, B. We are ahead on the times on this one, in 3 years he will be playing somewhere like the Key Arena and people will be all stoked. I'll be the wise old broad, "been there, done that."

After seeing him live I'm going to go ahead and say it's the latter of the two.

 You hear a lot about how Gotye sounds like Sting or Peter Gabriel. That's because he does, though that doesn't negate his artistic uniqueness (this is a man who was inspired by a piece his father's art from the 80's  that graces the cover of his "Making Mirrors" album). His song in the US you MAY have heard is "Somebody That I Used to Know" featuring his opening act, the poppy Kimbra.

He reminds me of a male (and less freaky version) of Bjork. Artistic and always evolving. His songs have a common factor but none are the same (think Godsmack or 311, I can't tell one song from the other sometimes it is all very much them over and over and over again). Adding synthesizers, drums to his repertoire he's active on stage, the man can rock the eff out and his Australian accent doesn't hurt his appeal either.  
This may be my favorite, for now.

Off the subject of the man himself, people watching at concerts is rad. Some people are genuinely moved by music. I've been brought to tears by both Radiohead and Heart, for different reasons of course, but I am not a dancer. Noted by my soulmister, he appreciates that, neither is he. We love music but dancing is not "our thing". I can appreciate someone shaking their groovethang with passion, heck I've seen a guy give himself a bloody nose with his antics. Do your thing buddy, let the music move you.
Now watching people feign getting caught up in the music is a different beast entirely and quite entertaining as well. Especially when you add a bourbon or two (this could apply to both the "dancer" or myself). :)

Ok, off for now, the toddler beckons.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's in a Weekend?

What's in a weekend? I find myself torn between feeling like a day in my jammies is well spent. Quality t.v. and internet time. Veggin. "Relaxing".

I find my soul is a happy one when I find a sense of productivity in the weekend. Though running around like a wild woman I often think, "aaaaah, I just need a minute, go go go" my heart smiles at a job well done.

Another must for a successful weekend?

Time with friends and kids. We are always connecting with people, either on some deeper and meaningful level, completely superficial level, or even if one day one evolves into the other. It's the nature of the beast.
Some intertwining of the lives is best. You can pick up where you left off, regardless of all of lifes little distractions and just be.
I have a few near and dear just like this. I got to see three of them this weekend.

Smiling Hearts all the way. 

To begin, I got my nails did. :) It feels nice to beautify once in awhile. I'm by no means a girlie girl. But I have my things.
Chris was joking that this is the first step in my transformation into a Casella. Jackie Casella has a very mob wife feel to it. I may begin to hone my accent skills next or work on big hair. You've been warned. :)

Of course, any damper to a day off is laundry. I hate laundry. I especially hate laundry for a family of 5. It's a drag. If I had the money I'd pay someone to just do the laundry. Not kidding. Truth.

Through a whirlwind of errand running sometimes you just have to pause. Take in some beauty. It's the smallest things of wonder we overlook every day. That's not my zen master speaking. He's been in hibernation for a very long time now. It's these moments that make a day.

Then of course I got the immense pleasure of a theatre date with one of my besties. The opportunity to take in a kick ass production with a like mind WHILE honing my skills and doing something I have a passion for? Yes, I'd say I'm pretty lucky in life. And who doesn't love a good lady date. I'd call it a girls night but as mothers in our not so young age, I prefer lady date. Girls night makes me think of Sex in the City. *shudder*
I wish I had taken a photo of the delicious specialty cocktail at my work right now. The anise star embedded in a cidery cube of goodness floating around in my whiskey was quite lovely.

Any how, today is back to work for me and the sunshine has come out to say hello. Wishing you all an early Happy Easter.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Books and Wine

I dig me some reading, though with the noise level in my house finding the reading "zone" is difficult. Very, Very difficult.
So I devised a plan. Book Club. Yup, gives you a given amount of time to finish a book so you can discuss with like minds (or maybe not so like at times). Great. And rather than wait around for a book club, or have to attend one myself, I invited people to my place.
And as a further incentive I said, let's add wine. Boom, sounds like a potential great success. And in concept it is, I figure worst case scenerio I read a book and I'm going to drink wine anyways so what do I have to lose?

Well, I didn't finish the book. I know, I know. With a trip to Vegas, new work hours and my kids, I just didn't get into the book. I read most of it. And I will finish it but was in no form to discuss if someone arrived who had read it.
Luckily, and somewhat sadly, no one did. Oh, well 3 people showed (one of my favorites of all time in my life happened to be one) but none of us had read the book. So deep understanding and discussion was not needed. Instead we drank wine and b.s.ed. Not a bad night. It definitely put a smile on my face.

And yes, I'm going to go ahead and give this another go. So next selection:

Naturally again booze has slinked it's way into another blog. Wine, Margaritas. Yes, yes I forwarned you.

Maybe I'll whip up a pitcher of some tequila concoction. Seems appropriate yes?